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The app lets you earn credit by downloading sponsored apps and games

It offers free international calls, chats and messages to your WhatsCall contacts, friends, family or colleagues.Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article is soley those of the original author.Calls to hot destinations such as United States are as cheap as 0. He is a content guy at Couponraja. The app is very easy to setup and once done all you require is an internet, Wi-Fi or LTE connection to make use of its services.9 cents/min.Primo offers 30 minutes of free trial credits for first time users to experience the calling feature and its capabilities. The call quality at both ends was exceptionally good to say the least. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) transmits voice and multimedia content over Internet.

Its messenger service allows you to send photos, text and voice messages to your WhatsCall contacts. Skype offers free trial month credits for new users which can be used to call landlines and phone numbers across the globe. Calls to Africa and Middle East cost to the tune of 6 cents per minute.475/month and a World unlimited for Rs 925/month. You can earn daily credits per day via the various in-app tasks, treasure hunts and play games to enjoy seamless calls.Skype can be signed in with your Microsoft account or phone number. Skype is also widely accepted in the corporate world for its seamless group calls, video calls, and conference abilities. Theres even an option to record the conversation.Skype Skype from Microsoft requires no introduction as it is the most widely used Internet calling app with over 500 million downloads. Later one can either opt for credits from the Skype store or buy monthly calling subscriptions. For Pakistan, it is 4. For instance, North America Unlimited pack would cost you Rs.

For example, calling top destination countries would cost you India- 170 credits/min, Saudi Arabia- 1150 credit/min, United States- 120 credits/min, Malaysia- 330 credits/min etc. Skype is available for use on smartphones, tablets, and Mac platforms. It is easy to setup with just a couple of steps and you are set. Some of these apps let you earn free credits by performing some easy tasks. Apart from these basic functionalities, these apps also provide the liberty to call landlines and phone numbers across the globe at dirt cheap rates.Considering the huge potential, the app repositories are filled with such VoIP apps.9 cents per min. You can also send credits or buy subscriptions for other via the app. First time users can avail up to 1000 credits upon joining which can get you up to 30 minutes of free call time based on the country specific call rate chart of the app.

WhatsCall WhatsCall VoIP app by Cheetah Mobile Cloud is currently the best rated app on the Android app store with over 10 million downloads. You can either pay-per-minute with primos low calling rates or can avail monthly packages ranging from $4. The app integrates your contact list to facilitate good functionality and calling experience. Ajinkya is a tech aficionado.PrimoUnlike WhatsCall, Primo follows a more straightforward approach.99 to $9. You can place conference calls with up to eight participants. You can ask your family, friends or colleagues to install the same app as yours to enjoy unlimited calls, video calls, messages and chats. Compared to conventional voice calls, yt12b-bs battery VoIP is a cheaper and effective alternative.99, which enables you to call landline and phone numbers directly without much fuss and is pretty cost-effective. Skype messenger service can be used to share photos, videos, locations and one can also add emoticons and emojis to chat.

Ideally, you should use it over Wi-Fi unless you have unlimited data plan on mobile. WhatsCall enables you to call international landline and phone numbers directly from the app through credits. The app lets you earn credit by downloading sponsored apps and games.TalkU Free CallsTalkU lets you make free and cheap phone calls to any landline or mobile number over Internet.Do keep in mind that VoIP programmes require a reliable internet connection. The app provides free calling and messaging to over 60 countries. The service allows you to avail video chatting, messaging as well as file sharing with ease. Though he mostly writes about gadgets, he prefers things that guzzle gasoline more than those running on lithium-ion batteries. Adding friends and family to your Primo contacts is fairly easy. Worry not though as we have hand-picked best apps from the lot. Call connections are established fairly quickly and were stable for most of the times with good call quality. TalkU offers free visual

Some apps also provide monthly country specific packages for as low as 10$ for unlimited duration of calls and video calls. You can block unwanted calls, and even forward calls to any phone number. Those who dont wish to waste their time can purchase credits using credit-debit card. Skype offers instant messaging and cheap international calling packages. So, if your friend or family member is abroad, it makes sense to go with a good VoIP service.Making overseas voice calls is an expensive affair. You can stay connected with your family, friends, and colleagues from all over the world and also allows you to perform group chats and video calls.

These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Deccan Chronicle and/or other staff and contributors to this site. You can buy these packages easily with credit/debit card or mobile banking options. Primo also offer free credits which can be availed by inviting your friends and entering you profile credentials like email address, birthday, profile photo and gender.

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Solar Impulse 2 took off from Cairo on the final leg early on Sunday

'One less impossible thing'The project has also been beset by bad weather and illness, which forced Piccard to delay the final leg.Piccard has said he launched the project in 2003 to show that renewable energy "can achieve the impossible". The plane touched down at 04:05 (0005 GMT) in the capital Abu Dhabi after a more than 48 hour-long flight from Cairo, the final leg in its journey which began on March 9 last year.The plane has clocked an average speed of 80 kilometres an hour (50 miles per hour). We should never accept the world to be polluted only because people are scared to think in another way."'Achieve the impossible'Dubbed the "paper plane", Solar Impulse 2 has been circumnavigating the globe in stages, with 58-year-old Piccard and his compatriot Andre Borschberg taking turns at the controls of the single-seat aircraft.

We have to realise that it's the reality," Piccard told reporters upon landing Abu Dhabi.Cheers and clapping welcomed the plane as it arrived at Al-Bateen Executive Airport. A psychiatrist who made the first non-stop balloon flight around the world in 1999, Piccard had warned the last leg would be difficult because of the high temperatures.But the aircraft was grounded in July last year when its solar-powered batteries suffered problems halfway through the trip."My deepest admiration and respect for your courage," he said.Cheers and clapping welcomed the plane as it arrived at Al-Bateen Executive Airport, where it first launched its world tour, an AFP journalist reported." Hours before landing, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed praise in a live-streamed conversation with Piccard."

One thing I would like for you to remember: More than an achievement in the history of aviation, Solar Impulse has made an achievement in (the) history of energy," he said. And I can't even drink.. futureisclean," he tweeted on Monday.. While in the air, the pilot is constantly in contact with mission control in Monaco, where a team of weathermen, mathematicians and engineers monitors the route and prepares flight strategies."It's a project for energy, for a better world," Piccard told journalists in Cairo before taking off. The pilots use oxygen tanks to breathe at high altitude and wear suits specially designed to cope with the extreme conditions.."The adventure began 13 years ago."The future is clean, the future is you, the future is now, let's take it further," said Piccard as he disembarked. The attempt was initially expected to last five months, including 25 days of actual flying.

Solar Impulse 2 took off from Cairo on the final leg early on Sunday, having previously crossed Asia, North America, Europe and North Africa."It's been two hours now I'm flying into high up and down drafts. "Now the trip around the world has been done, and there is one thing less that is impossible in the world," he added.The flight capped a remarkable 42,000-kilometre journey across four continents, two oceans and three seas. While the pilots do not expect commercial solar-powered planes any time soon, they hope the project will help spur wider progress in clean energy. They have had to withstand temperatures inside the tiny cockpit ranging from minus 20 degrees to plus 35 degrees Celsius (minus 4 degrees to plus 95 degrees Fahrenheit)."

We can hardly believe that we made it, it's still a little bit like in a dream."We have enough solutions, enough technologies. Swiss explorer and project director Bertrand Piccard was in the cockpit during the 2,763 kilometre (1,716 yt12b bs motorcycle battery mile) flight from Cairo, crossing the Red Sea, the vast Saudi desert and flying over the Gulf. "This is a historic day, not only for you but for humanity. No heavier than a car but with the wingspan of a Boeing 747, the four-engine, battery-powered aircraft relies on around 17,000 solar cells embedded in its wings.

It's really exhausting," he tweeted on Sunday. His dream has taken much longer than planned.Solar Impulse 2 landed Tuesday, July 25, 2016, in the UAE, completing its epic journey to become the first sun-powered airplane to circle the globe without a drop of fuel to promote renewable energy. Borschberg, 63, smashed the record for the longest uninterrupted journey in aviation history with the 8,924-kilometre flight between Nagoya, Japan and Hawaii that lasted nearly 118 hours.

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She didnt know how or why but she just knew

There was a lot of shoving and pushing which couldnt be helped because people were excited to yt14b-bs battery finally be out in the open. That was the good thing about having a synthetic dog. But today was the right kind of sunny.P geared up for a game of catch with Woofus and picked up a plastic stick and threw it in the direction of the synthetic rocks. The telecom had announced that it would be safe to come out today and P couldnt have been happier. She often wondered what it felt like to be an Overground Person because that would mean that you could keep a real dog if you wanted to, but she would stop these thoughts immediately because she felt she was betraying Woofus even though Woofus was incapable of feeling or understanding emotion.

Besides, Ps family could never afford the expenses of owning luxury items like real dogs. P saw the Overground People walking around with their dogs and felt bad that Woofus wasnt as good looking as those dogs. Woofus obediently ran towards it but didnt return for a long time after disappearing behind the rocks which was strange because it was programmed to track down and deliver. They were not the Higher Ups. She held it close, gave it a tight squeeze and slowly walked back to her house, excited at the treasure that no one else owned. It wasnt as nice as the houses that the Overground People lived in, which had glasses on the walls so they could see light. No wonder Woofus couldn’t identify it.

They were the underground people. She didnt know how or why but she just knew. She knew that in such a situation she was supposed to inform the elders but she went ahead looking for Woofus behind the rocks and there it was, crouched over something it could not identify. The government made sure that there was enough daylight simulators so that the underground people would not feel left out, but it would never be able to replace the real feeling of seeing actual daylight. It was her favourite toy and she liked to pretend it was a real dog. It looked exactly like how he described it to her, just a bit tattered. P ran towards her favourite spot -- the plastic forest. P picked it up. Woofus, being a nonliving existent, didnt need to be prepared before sun exposure.

She couldnt contain her excitement as Mother prepared her for her journey outside - one layer of double SPF followed by a gel coating and then an epidermal hazmat and finally a tracker just in case she got into trouble. A little too sunny. All year, she had made up games in her head but there was no chance she could fit all those games in those two hours and all this thought was making her anxious. Not that it made a difference.She had to make sure she made good use of the two hours.After what seemed like forever, the vault finally opened and all the underground people were released. How had it managed to survive radiation? She had heard stories of how her grandfather himself used to play with one in those pre-quarantine days. On her 8th birthday they gave her a cheap biosynthetic dog that barked everytime P was sad. Not the kind of ball that was issued to them but a real ball — a worn out football from the era of the carbon people.

Every morning P would wake up, wait for an announcement from the telecom telling them that today was an Exposure Day but 361 times she would get disappointed.P gave it a few minutes but couldn’t hold her curiosity any longer. It was going to be a special day. Today really turned out to be a special day.. It was always sunny. Nevertheless, Ps parents made sure that P did not miss out on anything just because they couldnt afford a lifestyle everyone desired. Ever since the girl a few blocks away fell into biochemical sludge and drowned, Mother had been very cautious about Ps safety and she had every right to be.

She woke up knowing that it was a different day. But it was not the time to be anxious. It had been 362 days since her last outing. You didnt need to take extra precautions. She called it Woofus.Ps house was tiny. Ps family couldnt afford that.But today was not one of those days. P leaned forward and to her utter amazement saw a ball.P had big plans for Woofus and herself today. She was right all along.It was a sunny day. It was beautiful to look at from afar but had a very bad smell which the people were now used to

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